Intern Ultrasound Rotation


1) Attend scanning shifts at Moffitt and SFGH each week - See Calendar

2) Review Recommended Text (FREE): Mallin and Dawson Intro to Bedside Ultraound vol 1 & 2

3) Review Educational Objectives

4) Review Scanning Protocols

5) Review Zonare Machine operation tutorial (username=guest; password=guest)

6) Review 1st Trimester OB guidelines at Clinical Policies

7) Complete Introductory Modules on MedaPhor Transvaginal Ultrasound Simulator at Kanbar Sim Center (2nd floor of UCSF Library (530 Parnassus); make appt. User Name: EDelective; Password: edelective1.  Allow ~2 hrs.

8) Contact Dr. Nate Teismann ( during the first week of your rotation to confirm date of quiz (usually last Friday of rotation).

Quiz content: 1) Performance of one sonogram in the ED on a live patient, 2) 3-4 oral questions on material from Educational Objectives, Clinical Policies, and/or Workflow above, 3) 1 Teaching Case in PACS




  • 2p-6p, Scanning Shift with Ultrasound Faculty at UCSF


  • 12p-4p, Scanning Shift with Ultrasound Fellow at UCSF


  • Journal Club/Didactic
  • Image Review
  • Scanning in the ED at UCSF


  • 1p-5p,  Scanning Shift with Dr. Starr Knight at SFGH


  • Scanning with Dr. Nate Teismann, Dr. Starr Knight, or the Ultrasound Fellow during regularly scheduled clinical shifts